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These templates and short videos are designed to make our collaboration smooth and easy as we work together to create a beautiful, effective, true-to-you website. 

Please go through the short videos below as they give perspective on how to make the best use of your website space to clearly communicate and engage with visitors. Download the document templates, and use them to write the copy for your website. 

Email ryan.niessen@gmail.com with any questions and to submit your images, copy, and comments. 

We appreciate your business and are honored to be working with you to help reach more humans with your message. 

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Google Docs User?

- Open the links below, and click File -> Make a copy

- Edit inside the doc

- When ready, click "Share" (top right) and send to ryan.niessen@gmail.com

Word Doc User?

- Open the links below, and click File -> Download -> Microsoft Word


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