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About Us

Hi, I'm Ryan Niessen, founder of Websites for Writers.

I've always loved "information products". I grew up reading everything I could, so after graduating college with a marketing degree in 2011, I decided to put my focus into helping authors, course creators, and speakers amplify their message through online marketing.

I moved to Austin, TX to work for Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group (one of only a few 8-figure companies in the "info marketing space").

After 3 years of "learning the ropes" from some of the smartest online marketers out there, I went out on my own and worked with authors and course creators in almost every niche available.

Websites Shouldn't Be This HARD...

In 2019, I was introduced to a prominent "transformational author coach" who had faced many of the common website issues herself. She had overpaid, tried to do it herself, and struggled with overcomplicated technology.

Worse, her clients - authors like you - had the same issues... and she had no good solution. 

She asked me to give a presentation to her private mastermind group about how to get your writer website built and avoid the common pitfalls.

When I explained my philosophy of:

  • Focusing on lead generation (so your website actually helps grow your business instead of just sitting quiet and alone in cyber-space)...

  • Keeping the tech simple (so you can actually make simple website changes without needing an expensive developer to help you)...

  • Allocating your budget to marketing and keeping your website development costs low (while still building a beautiful and professional site)...

... Then half the authors in her mastermind group commissioned me to build their website. I was on to something:

Simple, Affordable, and Effective
Websites for Writers

Today, here at Websites for Writers, our mission is to help thought leaders and authors like you amplify your message, so that you can get your book into more people's hands & your message into more people's hearts.

We keep the website design and development process simple, and use low-cost technology that gives you, the author, control to make edits and publish blog posts. 

Starting as low as $1,500, our websites strike the balance between affordable and effective (and we encourage you to use more of your budget for marketing and advertising so you can get more people to visit your site.)

If you'd like to have a no-cost, no-pressure conversation about your business and website goals, we'd love to chat. 

Simply click here to schedule a consult and book a time that works for you. 

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