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You Need a Website. Now What?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing a book. Now you need a website so your readers can connect with you, and to attract media opportunities or speaking gigs.


Your 1st option is to a big agency for your website, but make sure you’re sitting down when you call, because they can charge up to $50,000.

Assuming that number doesn’t do too much psychological damage, your 2nd option is to go online and find someone overseas who could build you a website for $200. But who knows if it will work well and turn out how you want? 


Option #3 is to do it yourself. You’re a go-getter… and how hard could building a website be compared to the masterpiece you just finished?


BUT if you try Wordpress yourself without previous experience, we’ll bet $20 you’ll have a headache after 30 minutes because it’s so hard to use…


And sure, there are a ton of “do it yourself” website platforms out there, but some are better than others, and you’ll likely get lost and confused after trying a couple.

We Make Creating Your Website Easy & Affordable

We’ve worked with authors on their marketing for more than 8 years, and we believe in your power to change lives and make the world a better place through your writing.


Our love for writers and their work is why we make your website creation journey simple, affordable, and effective.​ Here's how:


We use user-friendly software that gives you the power to go in and blog or make simple changes to text and images yourself once it’s finished.


Starting as low as $1,500 and with transparent pricing options you can read about on our website, you get an experienced, North-American based team that will get your site done right, and on time.


Not only will your site look beautiful and professional, it will be designed to generate leads, plus optimized so you can get found in search engines like Google.

A Few Authors We've Worked With

Sonia Choquette

Author of 27 internationally best-selling books.

Sharon Lechter

Written or released 18 books, and co-authored Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Dr. Susanne Bennett

Author of the #1 International Best Sellers, Mighty Mito: Power Up Your Mitochondria for Boundless Energy, Laser Sharp Mental Focus and a Powerful Vibrant Body and The 7 Day Allergy Makeover.

Our bottom line is that we want to make is as simple, affordable, and easy as possible for you to get a website live and working greatnow.


We know that your biggest contribution comes from writing, and we want to help lift you up so you can get your message to more hearts and minds around the world. 


In that spirit, we handle everything. 


When you partner with us, we can handle design, development, search engine optimization, and even copywriting if you want (though many authors prefer to write their own website copy). 


Our North America based team does it all for less than you might think. 


At the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful, effective site you can be proud of.


To top it off, you can show off to your friends as you’re actually able to post blogs and make small changes to it yourself (using our short “screenshare” training videos)

We’ll Take All The Weight

Off Your Shoulders

Let’s Chat and Make This Easy For You...

If you’d like to learn more, go ahead and schedule a free consult with our friendly, helpful support team.


We look forward to chatting, and supporting you in getting your book into more people’s hands, and your message into more people’s hearts.

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The Perfect Writer's Website: The 3 Most Common & Costly Mistakes, and 4 Keys to a Great Writer's Website.